Promoting Anti-Aging and Longevity with Functional Nutrition

Do You Want More Energy? Is Fatigue Getting the Better of You as You Get Older?

Did you know that the average American has more stress and works more hours than their great grandparents did 100 years ago?

It is common to feel fatigued as we get older, but is it really “normal” to feel this way?

What if there were a way to periodically detox our bodies and reset them the way we do with an oil change and a tune up for our cars?

The foundation of functional nutrition involves the concepts of detoxing our bodies and then feeding and maintaining the organs that most need assistance in our body.  The good news is that today’s technologies allow us to now go beyond muscle testing procedures and further identify the main organ systems that are most stressed with blood and hair analysis as well as several other cutting edge methods.

We have been able to help dozens of patients feel younger and live more full and functional lives.

With his vast knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology procedures, and modern testing methods such as full panel blood work and hair analysis, Dr. Gilbert creates truly individualized nutrition support plans for his patients. We use whole food nutrition products to fully support the body and help our patients achieve their health goals.

At Ultimate Health and Chiropractic Center, we focus on treating the whole person. Our mission is to help patients achieve their highest level of health. Dr. Gilbert is certified in Applied Kinesiology,

How can the Ultimate Health and Chiropractic Center Help Me Live Longer and Live Better?

Is it enough to just live longer?  Most people would answer that they also want to be fully functional throughout their lives.

Additionally, Chiropractic care can help us move, breathe, and be more flexible as we get older. One study showed that holding better posture and standing taller is correlated with lifespan extension of over 5 years! However, we also know that in general, we work longer hours than our parents did.

According to a 2006 CBS News story on 60 Minutes, “Americans work longer hours than nearly anyone in the developed world, even the Japanese. For many professionals and corporate managers, the 40-hour work week is history; 60- to 80-hour work weeks are now the norm.” This is largely due to technology allowing us to be “available” via Blackberry or iPhone well after the traditional workday ends.

As a result, we need ways to combat stress and re-charge now more than ever!

At the Ultimate Health & Chiropractic Center, we help our patients find the right nutritional support for their individual needs.

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