What to Expect on the First ChiropracticVisit?

Your first visit will include a thorough health history & detailed exam using the most effective chiropractic technology.  

Please fill out the paperwork online before your visit.

Your first exam includes:

  • Discovering the major areas of interference in your nervous system.
  • Postural analysis: We take a close look at your posture to see how you are compensating for imbalances or stress which likely started years ago.
  • Motion and static palpation: Feeling the spine and musculature for problematic, or “kinked up,” areas of the spine and nervous system. Dr. Gilbert is trained in both static and motion palpation.
  • Instrumentation/rolling thermal device: A cool tool that reveals electrical imbalances within the muscle or nervous system just by placing it against your skin– we don’t want to miss these areas!
  • Gait scan: Scans your feet and measures weight distribution, both standing & (if needed) dynamically (while walking).
  • Finding muscle imbalances, inhibitions, and assymetries – finding where your muscles are either inhibited or conversely over-active; if they’re “strong or weak.”
  • Applied kinesiology Techniques:
    • Finding several areas of hidden stress in your body (including physical, emotional, and biochemical stressors).
    • Fascial restrictions: discovering the particular frequency for releasing tension in the fascia.
    • Finding the customized and exact direction and angle of the table for you and your adjustments.
    • Discovering hidden causes of pain and disfunction such as discal (disk) vs joint involvement in your chief complaint.
  • Briefly explore if there are other areas of stress affecting your body.
  • X-rays will be referred out if needed (we do not take x-rays in the office).
  • Yes!  We will usually do some adjusting on the first chiropractic visit unless contraindicated.
  • We may use gentle machines to loosen the muscles and assist with adjustments including:
    • The Arthrostim, The Vibracussor, The Chirosagger (the machine that everybody loves), and severalother tools.
    • For very gentle pediatric adjustments, we also use the Activator and other pediatric chiropractic tools. 
The Tools You’ll Find in Our Office
Tools that could be used during chiropractic visit

During your first and following visits, we will use several chiropractic techniques to reveal underlying causes of stress as well as postural, musculo-skeletal, and nervous system imbalances that need attention during the course of your care.

We will use both objective analytical tools as well as other techniques and methodology from some of the greatest chiropractic teachers in the world and throughout history. These include:

The Brimhall Technique

Dr. Gilbert is certified in the Brimhall Technique (used by Jon Bon Jovi before each concert) which addresses several underlying forms of stress in addition to overt skeletal stress. Longer half hour sessions of Brimhall technique can be booked separately. Dr. Brimhall has also treated several stars such as Tony Robbins and Bob Procter.

Motion & Static Palpation

Reveals how the joints are functioning relative to one another. Dr. Gilbert has studied MPI (link to motion palpation institute) with its founder, L. John Faye and has learned several unique techniques from him to help headaches, neck pain, and many others.

Applied Kinesiology

George Goodheart, the founder of AK, was a brilliant chiropractor and was the first Olympic chiropractor. The “Jedi wizards” of chiropractic, AK doctors like Dr. Gilbert can find all sorts of insights with AK muscle testing.

Gonstead Technique and Instrumentation

Dr. Gonstead, one of the most famous chiropractors of all time, used specific instruments and methods to find exact levels of the subluxation (or nervous system interference). Dr. Gilbert has flown to Wisconsin to take several Gonstead adjusting seminars.

SOT and Drop Table Technique

We will identify pelvic imbalances and use pelvic “blocking” and other tools as we restore proper balance to the pelvic, lumbar, and entire system over the course of your care with plans to improve upon this during future visits.

Image of baby during Chiropractic Visit

Stretching and testing of asymmetric muscle imbalances

identifying muscles that are asymmetrically firing or tight.

Fascial identification and release

Using the Vibracussor and Arthrostim, we will find your customized frequency on the vibracussor as well as identify fascia and muscular restrictions.

Pediatric or pregnancy protocols

For pediatric chiropractic or pregnancy chiropractic patients, we will be using other tests to figure out specific needs and course of treatment for those patients. Dr. Ari Gilbert has taken certification coursework with the ICPA.

After your exam, Dr. Gilbert will begin some relief care and chiropractic adjustments.

Your Next Chiropractic Visit:

Visit 2- We will discuss a customized treatment plan for achieving your goals.

For patients who want more than just acute pain relief and are ready to live a healthier and more vibrant life, we can show you how to have that too. If you are interested in living healthier life, avoiding drugs and surgery, and having the best life possible, we are here for you!

Some services are covered by insurance and others may not be.