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Who we are

  • We help our patients achieve a much better than average, pain free, mobile, and energetic lifestyle, through all natural chiropractic and the right recipe of whole food nutritional supplements.
  • Our aim is to not only expedite our patients’ recovery from pain and restore regular function quickly, but also to provide tools that slow the aging process and maintain mobility. We also use energetic supplements to maintain your “driver through life” (your nervous system).
  • We use authentic chiropractic techniques and tools and to help patients feel the difference with true care along their journey to a high quality, pain free, super-mobile lifestyle, as well as getting them out of pain.
  • We help injured auto accident and worker patients not only get back to their activities of daily living and provide high quality care with the best documentation for their attorneys. Dr. Gilbert has advanced training with the Croft Institute.
  • We aim to be your trusted adviser- helping you make the best decisions to live a healthy, full life with a well-functioning nervous system.
  • We are not a chain and you will be seen directly by Dr. Gilbert.
  • Dr. Gilbert is a lifelong learner, has taken multiple seminars on both chiropractic and nutrition, as well as auto injury rehabilitation.
  • We are an award-winning office (Best of PHL 17, Mainline Family Favorite, and more) and Dr. Gilbert is one of the only trained Applied Kinesiology doctors in the Greater Philadelphia area.
  • Many five-star reviews.

What our patients are saying

Portrait of Doctor Gilbert, Chiropractor in Bala Cynwyd

Meet Dr. Gilbert, Award-winning Chiropractor

After graduation from NY Chiropractic College, Dr. Gilbert continues his studies with top doctors in the fields of chiropractic and nutrition. With advanced knowledge in the techniques of Applied Kinesiology, he is often able to find underlying issues that others have not. He continues to attend seminars on nutrition and chiropractic several weekends each month and uses current knowledge to combine the best treatments for his patients.

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