Celebrities Who Use Chiropractic

Do I Know Anyone Who Receives Chiropractic Care?

Did you know that there are many famous athletes and entertainers who choose Chiropractic care as a way to stay healthy and pain-free? There are hundreds of them, and here is a list of just a few of the professional athletes, movie stars, television icons, and famous musicians who have chosen the non-invasive, drug-free road to health:

Tiger Woods

“Being a chiropractic patient has really helped me a lot. When I was in a growth spurt, my back became very sore and I was weak. My chiropractor really helped me. Not only did he adjust my spine, he also gave me strengthening exercises to do. If you are tall and gangly like I am or play sports, I would recommend chiropractic.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I am very fortunate to have, so-to-speak, my in-house chiropractor, Dr. Franco Colombu, as my own personal chiropractor. So, I visit Franco regularly, and he comes over to my house. He adjusts my wife, my kids, me, everybody gets an adjustment. And we feel always great when Franco leaves. Even when I have athletic injuries he’s always there for me, and helps me. So it’s really terrific, and I know that first hand. That’s why I always will be traveling around, all over the world, talking highly about the profession of chiropractic. You chiropractic doctors are really miracle workers, and that’s why it’s really great to have you here, part of the Arnold Classic. Because, like I said, the Arnold Classic and Fitness Weekend are about health and about fitness and preventive care.”

Dr. Phil McGraw

“I’m a big believer in chiropractic. And I, I’ve got a chiropractor that I see, two or three times a week here in L.A.”

Dan O’Brien (Olympic Athlete)

“You obviously can’t compete at your fullest if you’re not in alignment. And your body can’t heal if your back is not in alignment. It was the holistic idea that I liked about chiropractic and that is what track and field is about. Every track and field athlete that I have ever met has seen a chiropractor at one time or another. In track and field, it is absolutely essential. Chiropractic care is one of the things I think that no one has denied or refuted. If it were not for chiropractic, I would not have won the gold medal.”

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